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Club Rules

1. Membership Fees
Membership £24.00 per month.
Affiliation fees are £30.00 for over 18 years, £17.80 for under 18 years.

Membership and Affiliation are non-refundable and are used to pay for the affiliation fees for the AENA. These fees will therefore be set at the level of the fee payable to the governing body.

Subscriptions are non-refundable but may be suspended in the event of injury or under other special circumstances at the discretion of the committee. It is the responsibility of each member to cancel her standing order in the event of long term illness/injury, pregnancy or upon leaving the Club.

Any member who falls one month behind with their subs shall receive a letter as a reminder and will be asked to pay within 7 days of receipt of the letter. Failure to do so may result in the suspension of the netballing activities of that member until such time as their subs are paid up to date.

The subscription shall be decided each year at the AGM.

New members
New members donít have to pay a monthly standing order straightaway. The first practice is always free. Then, if new members want to join the club the membership fee is £24.00 per month. 

2. Team Selections
Selections will be made by the selectors based on Ability, Compatibility and Attendance at Practices.

3. Matches/Practices
Player Must:

Attend practices, apologies to be given via a member of the committee in the event of illness/holiday.

Give a high level of commitment to their tem-mates and to make themselves available for all matches in the season.

Give at least two weeks notice of unavailability for league matches except in the event of illness when every effort should be made to inform the team captain or any member of the committee before 10am to enable a replacement to be found.

Contact Team Captains to confirm away match times, venues and travel arrangements.

Be of good conduct at all times and obey the rules of the game, accept as final any decision given by an official, no matter how unfair it may seem. When playing under the name and affiliation of Poynton you are representing the club; inappropriate behaviour on or off court is not acceptable and will be dealt with by the Officers and Committee.

Players Must Not:
Play out of the team they are registered with on more than three occasions in total in any season.

Interfere with or undermine decisions taken by the Team Captain.

By any action on or off court bring the Club into disrepute.

4. Captain's Responsibilities
The Captain will ensure that all matches both home and away are confirmed at least 14 prior to the match date.

Ensure that her team know dates and times of matches and are available to play.

Where possible make sure that a substitute is available for all matches.

Liaise with the Club Secretary in the event of a match date needing to be re-arranged.

Telephone the allotted umpire at least 7 days prior to a match to confirm time, venue and travel plans.

At home matches ensure that both home and away team names are completed prior to the match. At the end of all matches ensure that all details on the card are correct especially the score and that both umpires have signed it. Post the card off to the results secretary within 48 hours of the match being played.

During the season the Captain will be responsible for keeping her team informed of any events that the Club may be running.

The Captain will ensure that her team complies with the Constitution and Rules of the Club.

The Captain will report to the committee any problems that may arise within her team, including any incidents which may bring the club into disrepute.

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